No Support Linux Hosting Stops After Cyber ​​Attack

Hosting provider No Support Linux Hosting shuts down after a cyber attack. It appears that the provider has been hit by ransomware, although the extent and cause of the attack are still unknown. The provider says it can’t go on anymore.

No Support Linux Hosting has only posted a short message on its website. It states that the company was attacked by a hacker on February 8th. It ‘hit’ all the company’s servers, but there are no details about what happened. The company says it includes all the servers needed to run the business, including the company’s website, admin environment and customer database. It is not known whether data has been leaked and, if so, which data is involved.

The websites and databases of customers are still accessible. No Support Linux Hosting recommends that customers download those websites and databases as soon as possible through their cPanel environment. In 2011, No Support Linux Hosting was also hit by a hack. All customer websites were taken offline as a precaution.

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