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Nintendo will stop Wii repairs in April due to lack of parts

Nintendo stops repairing Wii consoles. The Japanese company says that from April, and possibly earlier, it will no longer accept broken Wii’s for repair because there are no more parts available.

You can read that on the Japanese Nintendo support page. The company plans to stop the repair requests by March 31 of this year. From that moment on, users can no longer return their broken consoles to the manufacturer. In the statement, Nintendo says it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new parts for the consoles. The company also warns that it may stop the repairs before March 31 if the parts are already finished.

The date of March 31 applies only to the console itself. Peripheral equipment, such as the controllers, will no longer be repaired ‘from the moment the stock runs out’, the company writes. The Wii was released in 2006. Since the release, more than 101 million units of the console have been sold.

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