Nintendo will release new Game & Watch handheld on November 13th

Nintendo will be bringing Super Mario Bros. a new Game & Watch. The handheld contains Super Mario Bros., plus The Lost Levels and a Mario version of Balls.

The new Nintendo Game & Watch makes the NES version of Super Mario Bros., which appeared in 1985, playable on a color screen and with a dpad. The handheld has the same design as Nintendo used in its original Game & Watch series. That series consisted of a series of different handhelds, some of which could be folded open. Nintendo released the series from 1980 to 1991 and sold more than 40 million units.

Nintendo Game Watch Mario Bros

In addition to Super Mario Bros. features the upcoming handheld The Lost Levels, which Nintendo in Japan as’ Super Mario Bros. 2 ‘. There is also a version of the classic game Ball, with the head of Mario. There is also a digital clock and, according to Nintendo, it contains 35 surprises to discover.

The Game & Watch will be released in a limited edition on November 13, but Nintendo has not yet announced a price.