Nintendo: We need to get involved in cloud gaming and virtual reality

Nintendo has indicated during a meeting with shareholders that the company must go along with the development of cloud gaming and VR services. One of the things Nintendo is looking at is streaming games over 5G.

The statements come from Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa during a question-and-answer session at the annual shareholders’ meeting. A translation of the questions and answers has been put online by Nintendo. In response to a comment from a shareholder who indicated that Nintendo is rather slow in developing new technology such as cloud gaming and VR, Furukawa indicated that his company should participate in the developments that are currently taking place in this area. The same applies to offering game subscriptions, as competitors Sony, Microsoft and Google now do.

Nintendo CEO Shigeru Miyamoto added that although it seems that little is being done about streaming and VR, there has been testing within the company for quite some time. “Because we don’t announce anything until a product is released, it can seem like we’re lagging behind,” said Miyamoto.

One of the things Nintendo is looking at is using 5G for cloud gaming. A possible objection is the cost of cloud gaming via 5G, so Nintendo is not yet sure whether it is a feasible idea. The company did not announce any actual new products or services during the Q&A session.