Nintendo NX will cost $299 and focus on 1080p60 gameplay

The standard edition of the Nintendo NX will cost $299 and Nintendo will ensure that the console is able to display gameplay footage in 1080p at 60fps. At least those are the claims of an anonymous employee of a major American retail chain.

The information finds its way out through the Nintendo NX subreddit. The moderators there say they are critical of leaks and ask people who come forward with such cases to send in evidence to substantiate their claims. In this case, they say the insider of a major US retail chain has complied. The source of the leak remains anonymous and the moderators post the information themselves in their own words.

In addition to the 1080p60 target, the source says that the games will be delivered on cartridges, as has also been claimed in previous leaks. There is also talk of 4K streaming, with which the insider probably refers to content from services such as Netflix. The ‘hybrid share’ of the NX, which presumably functions as a gaming tablet of sorts, could output 900p resolution. This section may run on the same Nvidia soc as the Shield Android TV console, according to another leak.

Furthermore, the anonymous source reveals that prepared marketing communications are talking about the ability to play games on the go, that the console will have four different games in its lineup at launch, and that US stores will receive their demonstration copies in February. . That’s a month before the console’s release. There will also be a bundle, but its contents are unknown. It would cost $399.

Nintendo itself has not officially announced anything about the new console, apart from a release in March 2017. Nintendo president Kimishima announced at the end of 2015 that the NX will be a unique console, which will be different from the Wii U. The rumors about a hybrid console that can be used as a gaming tablet and as a regular game console at least fit that description.