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New Volvo V60 must be the ultimate family car

Volvo introduces In Barcelona the Volvo V60, the estate that they themselves describe as the ultimate family car. The car was unveiled in style for the first time on a driveway of a family house in Stockholm. Nowadays the bar is a bit higher to earn such a title and you should actually let the kids in the backseat speak. What do they think of this car, they have internet in the back seat, there are enough USB connections for their gear (also handy for adults), a panoramic roof and so on.

But to truly earn the title, today’s family car must be spacious and safe and it is also useful if an overdose of space is available. The fathers and the mothers are still looking at a favorable lease rate with an oblique eye. If you can mark it all off, you can go for a throw at the family car of the year.
The question is whether Volvo can rightly call the new V60 the ultimate family car. Another approach route to look at a car. Like its big brother the V90, this V60 looks like a very large estate. By the typical and recognizable body lines for Volvo, it looks bigger than big. This is in all respects a big station wagon, the cheaper description for an estate.
You can indeed find that space inside, because the legroom can be both front and back. Inside you feel what you see from the outside. Nowadays the families are no longer as redundant as they used to be, but even with 3 kids in the back seat they have plenty of space in this Volvo V60. The new V60 seems to want to beat its predecessor in everything. This means more legroom and more luggage space both in the front and in the back (now 529 liters was 430 liters). The wheelbase is even 56 millimeters longer than that of the last generation Volvo V70.

Volvo V60 petrol or still diesel

Lease drivers who now choose a new car will ask this question. We definitely choose petrol in the knowledge that after 2020 Volvo will no longer make engines for fossil fuels and it seems that diesels are being phased out. Or it will be the last diesel in your career. It is the question that you will have to answer yourself because who is going to drive with both the diesel and the petrol version is a bit of driving pleasure for a difficult choice. We drove both with the V60 T6 Geartronic AWD with no less than 310 hp and with the V60 D4 Inscription with 190 hp.
From the inside you do not see the difference or hear it. Both versions are really quiet. Everything has to do with feeling and much less with engine power. The T6 drives quietly. If you press the accelerator, however, you obviously feel the 310 horsepower doing their job. Only in ‘sports mode’ realize that this Volvo is indeed a car where you can also ride with sport. Special is that the 120 hp lighter D4 with a lower torque gave much more response than the 310 hp of the T6. And then it comes purely to the feeling you are going to choose.
The choice becomes even more difficult if later in the year there will also be a hybrid version with no less than 380 hp. These are ‘horsepower’ quantities that actually belong to a sports car. But Volvo does not seem to care much about it. The choice for a V60 petrol or the D4 with a diesel engine is perhaps ultimately determined by the monthly lease rate what you can or want to pay.


Volvo V60 and safety

Volvo’s big boss made a special statement last year and with the promise that from 2020 nobody will be fatally killed in traffic if you miss a Volvo car. Dream or reality, in both cases it does everyone’s attention. Volvo’s were already safe and will only become safer in the future.
The new generation Volvo is equipped as standard with City Safety with Autobrake, which can prevent collisions with a speed difference of up to 60 km / h. Volvo claims that this is the only system on the market that recognizes pedestrians, cyclists and large animals, even in the dark. A world first is that the system also automatically brakes to limit the impact with oncoming traffic.
We have also been able to experience the improved version of Pilot Assist on the highways in Spain with beautiful smooth curves. This system helps you to steer, accelerate and brake and now also behaves a lot more relaxed in the corners. It is the prelude to fully autonomous driving. When you release the steering wheel, you experience how far this technique has been developed. It just does not mean that you can drive with loose hands no matter how attractive this may seem. After 5 seconds the car itself reports that it is time to grab the wheel again and in fact you are more at ease.

Volvo V60, large, larger, largest


The equipment of the new V60 is very complete. Standard features include LED lighting all around – including LED headlights with Thor’s Hammer daytime running lights – Electronic Climate Control with 2 separate zones, electrically operated tailgate, roof rails, 16-inch alloy wheels and a 9-inch touchscreen with Sensus Connect that is compatible with Spotify, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. 4G WiFi belongs to the possibilities of infotainment system Sensus Connect.


Volvo delivers the new V60 with the choice of 2 petrol engines (T5 and T6) and 2 diesel engines (D3 and D4), with or without a Geartronic automatic transmission. Furthermore, the V60 later in the year also available as plug-in hybrid: T8 Twin Engine and the new T6 Twin Engine with 340 hp. The latter can only be ordered next year.
Volvo delivers the new V60 with the choice of several option packages including the Business Pack Connect consisting of Sensus navigation with lifetime map updates, Apple CarPlay, a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, chrome window frame and silver-colored roof rails. Intellisafe Pro Line consists of Pilot Assist with Adaptive Cruise Control and Intellisafe Surround with Blind Spot Information System (BLIS).
The new Volvo V60 can be ordered from now on and will be in the showroom this summer. The prices start at 44 thousand euros for the gasoline version T5 Geartronic and D3 diesel and run up to 59 thousand euros for the V60 T8 AWD Twin Engine Inscription with 390 hp.

The new Volvo V60 D4

The ultimate family car or not

The Volvo V60 indeed does a throw to such a title. The spacious station wagon satisfies everything you can imagine from within. He drives fine and is extremely safe. The storage space may be there. It is still the choice whether you prefer not to choose an SUV if the children are still small. Of course there are many alternatives, but if the price or the lease rate is not a problem then this V60 is a great choice.

 Volvo_v60-family car
With the new Volvo V60, it’s all about space


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