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New version of Slack uses less RAM and is faster

Slack has released a new version of his desktop app which, according to the makers, is a third faster than its predecessor. The underlying code has been rewritten so that the app also requires much less working memory.

The new desktop version for Windows and macOS should, according to the company, load 33 percent faster than the previous version. The makers also say that the business chat app needs half as little ram. The exact figures do differ per configuration and the age of the device on which the software is installed.

Slack now also works differently when the user is offline. Sessions are better cached so that users can also open conversations or channels if they have a poor connection. Slack is now also more focused on using multiple workspaces. The underlying code has been modified so that new copies are not made every time a user creates a new workspace. Instead, Slack uses the existing components from other workspaces so that the app requires much less memory.

Slack still works on Electron under the hood, but many parts have been changed at the front by React. The new version of the app will be rolled out for all users in the coming weeks, but users who already want to get started with version 4.0 can also download it manually from the site.

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