New version Amazon Echo Dot speaker has display that shows time

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Amazon has shown a new version of its Echo Dot speaker that has a display to show the time and the weather forecast. There will also be a cheaper ‘speaker’ that also serves as a wall socket.

The cheapest Echo speaker, the Echo Flex, is plugged directly into a wall socket and has a USB port in addition to a power point. In addition, it is possible to hear audio through a built-in speaker, although Amazon warns that it has the quality of a mobile phone speaker and is therefore not suitable for playing music. It’s the cheapest way to use Alexa in a room in a home, according to Amazon, and will be available later this year for $25.

The Echo Dot with Clock looks like the Echo Dot that appeared a few years ago, but has an LED screen behind the fabric to display the time, the weather forecast and possibly alarms. The screen automatically adjusts to the brightness of the room. It costs $60 and will be released later this year.

In addition, the regular Echo speaker gets an upgrade with a 3″ woofer and according to Amazon the sound sounds better than the previous generation for several reasons. The price remains the same at 100 dollars. There is also a new Echo Show 8 with 8 screen for $130 and an Echo Studio, a more expensive speaker with ‘3D audio’ for $200. They will also be released later this year.

Alexa is also getting some new skills. For example, actor Samuel L. Jackson has lent his voice to Alexa, so that Americans can also use it in conversations with the assistant. That will cost money: $0.99. Amazon announced the new products at its own Devices Event.

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