New Patch Should Fix Rain Issues in GTA Remasters

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Rockstar Games has released a patch for Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy Definitive Edition. The remaster of three GTA games has had many issues since its release earlier this month, some of which should be resolved with this new patch.

The patch is available immediately and a list of all the fixes for the different platforms on which the remasters were released can be found on the Rockstar Games website. The patch fixes common issues in the three games, as well as bugs that occurred in a specific version of the game. The Switch is missing from the list of supported platforms, but Rockstar writes on Twitter that will follow the update for this platform in the ‘coming days’.

In particular, the word “rain” often appears in the list of fixes. The weather effects in the games obscured the player’s view when it rained. In addition, the rain caused visual bugs and it also rained inside buildings and vehicles, for example. Update 1.03 should address some of these issues.

In addition to better rain effects, Rockstar has also corrected a number of typos, a gap in the world of GTA Vice City has been closed and the face of main character CJ has to block the camera less often in GTA San Andreas. Also, the shape of the nut on the restaurant ‘Tuff Nuts’ has been adjusted so that it no longer has a round shape and looks like a nut again.

After the release of the remaster, complaints about technical problems started pouring in. Rockstar has apologized for the state of the game upon release. With updates, Rockstar wants to bring the games to the ‘level they deserve’.

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