New Opel Corsa; a car for everyone!

The newest Opel Corsa, or rather the first Corsa from the French PSA group, can now be ordered from the Opel dealer. Why is this so important? In fact, quite simply the French have a clear influence on the now 37-year old Opel brand. Just to be clear Opel has become part of the PSA group. It is therefore no surprise that the Opel Corsa is on the same platform as, for example, the latest Peugeot 208. In addition to many technical issues, the motorcycles are no longer from General Motors, but the French are now also masters. The Corsa is an important car. In 37 years, a total of more than 13.7 million Corsas have been put on the market.

Opel is and remains Opel

Are the Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa distinctive and different from each other? Hell yes! There are certainly differences between the two cars. In terms of positioning, the Opel Corsa is just a bit below the Peugeot 208. For example, it is cheaper and slightly less complete and on many points less luxurious. The interior is just Opel! The Corsa also has a digital dashboard, but this is in no way comparable to the so-called i-Cockpit display as Peugeot has implemented it. Note that this is not a qualification or judgment because very honest for a price of 16.999 euros, this is a very interesting, complete car that you will simply enjoy. We will say a perfect example of a good price-quality ratio. It is not without reason that the readers of the German car magazine Auto Bild have chosen the new Corsa to be the ‘Business car of the Year’ in the compact class. And he is also a big contender for the Autobest ‘Best Buy Car of Europe’ 2020 award, which will be awarded shortly.

The new Corsa-e is perhaps worth the wait?

The new Corsa is available in three gasoline engines (75hp, 100hp, 130hp) and 1 diesel engine with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Certainly this 8-speed automatic transmission is unique in this segment. If you want to go as a private person for the Corsa, then I think you will soon come out with the manual 6-speed gearbox with a power of 100 hp. I think diesel is a little less obvious at the moment. For the business driver it is probably worth waiting for the Corsa-e. This will be on the market in March 2020 and you can therefore start driving with the lower addition. This can be a very interesting option within the business segment, also considering the price from 30,000 euros.

We keep the fully electric Corsa-e until the first quarter, this – for the Netherlands – important car deserves its own launch.

– Sander Jansen, General Manager Opel Nederland.

Complete with among others the advanced high beam support

The Corsa, incidentally, is no less than 108 kilos lighter than its predecessor and weighs only around 1000 kilos. This of course has advantages when it comes to consumption and flexibility. The Corsa has also been lowered and extended which gives it a sporty look. It is also equipped with five doors as standard and has a decent loading space of 309 liters. The new Corsa is complete, as evidenced by the many technologies and assistance systems that are standard. Think for example of Traffic Sign Assistance, Adaptive Cruise Control and systems that help the driver with parking or give a blind spot warning. New to the Corsa is the lane assistance (Active Lane Keep Assist) which warns the driver when you are likely to leave your lane.

Opel has to keep its name high when it comes to lighting. The new Corsa, for example, also has energy-efficient LED headlights. What is special is the so-called high beam assistant. They call this the non-blinding, adaptive IntelliLux LED Matrix lighting. The eight LED elements are controlled by a system with a front camera. The system continuously adjusts the light beam to the current traffic situation and the environment. So when you have switched on the system, you drive with high beam, but as soon as the camera detects an oncoming car, it adjusts the high beam immediately. At this price level, by the way, there was never before a Corsa that is so high-tech and dynamically equipped.

The Opel Corsa, typical Opel and simply good, so rightfully a car for everyone.