New MacBook Pro 2018 sometimes suffers from creaking speakers


Last month a new MacBook Pro came out, and in some cases it seems to have bothered speakers. One of the complaints is the Apple Support forum .

MacBook 2018 creaking speakers

The sound of the new MacBook Pr0 2018 should sound better than that of the predecessors. ‘You do not know what you hear’, you can read on the Apple website. But the videos below leave nothing to be desired: the speakers of the brand new Mac creak now and then.

It is not yet clear what the cause of the cracking is, and it happens under very different circumstances. Some users are bothered by listening to music through iTunes, other brands in GarageBand or playing a YouTube video. It sometimes happens to people who use Windows on a Mac with Boot Camp.

Rather a similar problem

It is not the first time that the MacBook Pro suffers from creaking speakers. The MacBook Pro 2016 also had to do with it: the sound was sometimes so loud that the speakers were permanently damaged and repaired or even had to be replaced. Windows Boot Camp turned out to be the culprit – an update of the audio drivers when it cracked. The speaker problems with the current MacBook Pro are less intense and also appear to be less common. Apple has not yet responded to the situation at the moment.

It could of course still be that it is just bad luck: there are so many new Macs circulating that it is not surprising from a statistical point of view that some of them have faulty speakers. . And otherwise it is waiting for a software update. Soon macOS Mojave the new operating system for the Mac, will be released. Mojave may provide a solution to the problem.