Netflix will release forty games on its streaming platform this year

Forty games will appear on streaming service Netflix this year. The company announced this on Monday. According to Netflix, there are 70 games in development at external companies. Monument Valley 1 and 2 will also be released on the platform next year.

Netflix confirms the arrival of forty new games in 2023 on Monday in a blog post. According to the streaming service, there are currently seventy games for the platform in development with partner companies, in addition to the sixteen games that the streaming service itself is working on. To date, 55 games have been released on Netflix since the company began offering games in late 2021.

The streaming service reports on Monday, among other things, that a new Too Hot to Handle game will be released later this year, which will be based on the series of the same name. The company previously came up with Too Hot to Handle: Love is a Game. According to Netflix, it is one of his most played games to date. On April 18, a Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace game will also be released from Ubisoft. This is a roguelite set in the universe of the game The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot.

The Monument Valley games will also appear on Netflix next year. Those puzzle games were previously released for Android and iOS and became available for Windows last year. There is also a new game from Super Evil Megacorp in development, which should be released exclusively on Netflix. The company will share more details about this later this year.

Netflix started offering games on its streaming service in November 2021. The company does that through Android and iOS devices. The streaming service is not sharing concrete numbers on how popular the games are on its platform, but says on Monday against journalists from IGN, among others that in terms of user growth it is “very pleased” with the progress made so far.