Netflix is ​​experimenting with playlists created by humans

Netflix is ​​testing lists of employee-created content that will complement the content touted by algorithms. It is not yet known whether the moderated lists will be made available to everyone.

Under the name Netflix Collections, some subscribers are shown lists of video content that have been compiled by employees. Those lists are sorted by various attributes, such as “let’s keep it light,” discovered one user posting his findings on Twitter. placed. A Netflix spokesperson then confirmed to TechCrunch that it is conducting a test, which appears to be available only to some iOS users for now.

Those who participate in the test can find the new Collections at the top right of the screen. Users can then browse and subscribe to the various playlists. Incidentally, it is not yet entirely clear which iOS users do and do not have access to the test; the Netflix spokesperson did not reveal anything about that. It is also not yet clear whether Netflix plans to introduce the new functionality to everyone in the long term. This will probably be determined after evaluation of the experiment.

The functionality seems similar to what music streaming services have been offering for some time. Services such as Spotify and Apple Music contain many employee-curated playlists based on certain genres.