NBMiner claims to offer 68 percent of RTX 30 mining performance on LHR GPUs

The developer of the NBMiner crypto mining software claims that version 39.0 provides at least 68 percent of the original Nvidia GeForce RTX 30 mining performance on LHR GPUs, when mining Ethereum. Nvidia released those LHR revisions with mining restrictions in May.

NBMiner writes on GitHub that the software introduces a new LHR mode specifically for mining Ethereum. It is not a full-fledged ‘unlock’. Instead, users can enter a target percentage into the software and the application will try to reach that percentage. For example, users can enter -lhr 68 to get 68 percent of the hashrate on non-LHR GPUs. The developer recommends that percentage, as it would be stable on most tested configurations.

At this rate, crypto miners with LHR GPUs still can’t leverage the full mining performance of the RTX 30 graphics cards, but at 68 percent, it’s getting closer. Nvidia introduced LHR revisions to its GeForce RTX 30 graphics cards in May, with restrictions that should cut crypto mining performance in half. The company did this to make the RTX 30 video cards less attractive to crypto miners and thus more available to gamers. Nvidia previously had mining restrictions on its RTX 30 graphics cards, but accidentally released a beta driver that circumvented those restrictions.