is struggling with a malfunction – update

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Hosting provider has been struggling with a malfunction since Monday morning, as a result of which various services are not or only poorly accessible. This includes web hosting and email. The outage is said to have started as a result of maintenance at the provider of Mijndomein.

That last reports the Mijndomein Actueel twitter account. The problems do not occur at all sites hosted by and at the time of writing it is not yet clear what the impact of the malfunction will be.

It is clear, however, that this is a technical problem that, according to a spokesperson, is being worked on. The first problems were reported around half past eight on Monday morning. Mijndomein has more than 195,000 customers with a total of almost 577,000 domain names. It is not known which part of it is affected by the malfunction.

We are still working hard on the malfunction in collaboration with our ISP. Unfortunately no time indication is known yet. ^T

— Mydomain Current (@MD_Actueel) Nov 30, 2015

Update, 13:42: reports that the problems seem to have been resolved. It is not yet known what caused the outage.

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