Multiplayer mode Stardew Valley will come to the Nintendo Switch on December 12th

The Nintendo Switch version of Stardew Valley gets a multiplayer mode. On 12 December it will be available in Europe, North America and Japan. When the multiplayer mode is released for the PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One and iOS is not yet known.

On his blog developer Eric Barone says that the multiplayer mode for the Switch is not much different from gameplay the mode of the PC version. This was released in August of this year, while it was initially intended that the mode was first released for the Switch version.

The mode contains a special winter market, which can be visited for three in-game days. In addition, it has a special sidequest that is exclusive to the multiplayer. Barone reports that he is working with developer Sickhead Games, known for Octodad and Tooth & Tail, to release the multiplayer mode for the PS4 and Xbox One versions as soon as possible.

Up to four players can participate in the mode and there can be played locally, with multiple consoles, or online. For online functionality, players do need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. To communicate with each other, players can use the online voice chat or in-game chat box. It is not clear whether crossplay between the Switch, the PC and the other platforms is possible.