Mozilla releases Thunderbird 78 with native dark mode and OpenPGP support

Mozilla has released a new version of Thunderbird that includes dark mode, a new design and native support for the Lightning Calendar. Also, support for OpenPGP is built directly into the client.

Thunderbird 78 is now available for download. It is the annual extended support release of the email program that receives a stable security release. Mozilla has changed the interface, among other things, with a new screen for composing emails and the option to color folders.

Various functions that could previously only be used as an add-on are now integrated into the client itself. For example, users can minimize the program to the Windows tray. Mozilla has also integrated the Lightning Calendar into Thunderbird. The company says it wants to do more with the agenda function in the future, although it does not say anything.

Also new is the dark mode in Thunderbird. This is now native instead of via an add-on, and is linked to the display settings of the operating system, provided that it supports dark mode.

Mozilla has also natively integrated support for OpenPGP into the software. Users can load keys into the program and send them encrypted e-mail. In addition, support for S / MIME will still exist.

Mozilla warns users not to use the Enigmail application for the time being. That’s the popular add-on that used to add pgp first. That’s because the email settings are not automatically transferred to the OpenPGP implementation. Initially, users have to manually download the client. From Thunderbird 78.2 this is automatic.