Mozilla is working on Firefox Reality browser for vr and ar headsets

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Mozilla has announced Firefox Reality, a browser that the makers say is intended for the “next generation of standalone VR and AR headsets”. According to the developers, Firefox Reality was built from the ground up.

For Firefox Reality, Mozilla uses technology from Firefox, which is combined with the experimental web engine Servo. The developers have posted the project source code and developer version of the browser on GitHub. The early release will work on Daydream and GearVR devices, but Firefox Reality is expected to eventually make its way into upcoming standalone VR and AR headsets.

Mozilla has put a video online with a short demonstration of the interface. The company will announce more about the project in the coming weeks. Mozilla says, among other things, that it will give sneak peeks of Firefox Reality working on a number of ‘pre-release headsets’.

The team behind Firefox thinks that a specific browser for VR and AR headsets is necessary because input on such devices is very different than on a traditional computer or smartphone. At the end of last year, Mozilla already announced that it would focus on developing frameworks and tools so that web developers can easily create vr and ar applications.

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