Mozilla begins private beta of its own Mastodon server with strict moderation policies

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Mozilla opens its own social network that uses Mastodon as a private beta. According to the company, distinguishes itself with a remarkably strict moderation policy. “It’s not going to be a neutral platform,” the company says.

Mozilla brings as a private beta. Users can put themselves on a waiting list, but Mozilla doesn’t say how many users will be able to access the network and when. is a Mastodon server, with which the company already started an experiment last year. Mozilla writes that there is a great need for a new social medium, because it “takes power away from big tech companies and places it in the hands of diverse voices.”

The platform has a remarkably strict moderation policy. “We are not going to build yet another self-proclaimed neutral platform,” the company says. Mozilla thinks neutrality is often used “as an excuse to allow behavior and content designed to harass and affect communities that have always been harassed.” Mozilla has the moderation rules laid down in general terms and conditions.

Mozilla says the rules are probably not perfect from day one. The company says it wants to talk to users about what should and should not be allowed. The company will also study other aspects of the social network, such as onboarding and how to monetize the project.

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