Modders fix common problems of the GTA remasters

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Modders who don’t accept the current state of the GTA trilogy remasters are releasing mods en masse to improve the games on PC. Among other things, the rain effects have been fixed. Also, the original menu sounds of the games have been brought back by the modders.

There are already dozens of mods on modsite Nexus Mods that should solve problems from the GTA remasters released last week. The most popular is the Better Rain mod. players complain en masse about the ugly rain effects in the games. Some say that the game becomes almost unplayable when it rains, as the rain is too visual and fills the entire screen. The mod that should fix the rain problems has now been downloaded 3500 times.

Other popular mods shrink the reticle, improve certain characters’ faces, and bring fog effects back into the games. The menu sounds of GTA III and Vice City have also been reinstated with a mod, having been replaced in the remasters with the menu sounds of San Andreas.

The rain effects before and after the mod (via Reddit)

In addition, modders are also working to bring back the songs of the radio stations that have been removed from the remasters for copyright reasons. Currently only the missing Vice City numbers have been brought back.

At the time of writing, Rockstar has not yet released a patch to fix the common issues themselves. Well says the company working to improve performance. Many players express their dissatisfaction with the quality of the remasters. With a user rating of 0.5 on Metacritic, the remasters collection is one of the lowest scoring games on the review collection site.

Digital Foundry released a comprehensive analysis of the GTA III remaster this week. In it, author John Linneman writes that he encountered numerous problems that are both hilarious and disappointing. He can’t believe this remaster has been properly tested before release. Also, the game does not run stably at 60fps on the new consoles in the appropriate performance mode. ‘The end result is simply not good enough’, he concludes.

The remasters are available for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and the Nintendo Switch. The mods only work with the PC version. The physical versions of the games should be released on December 6. The remasters will also come to iOS and Android next year.