Modder expands Xbox Series console storage with NVMe SSD

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A modder has been able to expand the storage of an Xbox Series console with an NVMe SSD with an NVMe to CFexpress adapter. The modder used an Xbox Series X console’s internal SSD for external storage; it’s not clear if other NVMe SSDs would work as well.

On the Chinese platform BiliBili, the modder explains how he could use Western Digital’s CH SN530 M.2 2230 SSD as external storage. The Xbox Series consoles use two PCIe 4.0 X2 slots, one for the internal NVMe SSD and one for the Seagate expansion card that can be purchased separately. That Seagate card is the only official way to expand the storage of an Xbox Series console.

For the Seagate card, Microsoft uses a proprietary connector, which in practice turns out to be a modified CFexpress connector. By default, CFexpress supports PCIe 3. Users have speculated that with the right adapters and the right SSDs, the storage of the Xbox Series consoles could be expanded without having to buy the Seagate expansion card.

The modder decided to try this out in the field and so bought a CFexpress to NVMe adapter. After that, all he needed was an SSD. The modder used the CH SN530 SSD from a disassembled Xbox Series X. He emphasizes that this SSD is not the same as a PC SN530 SSD; this is a PCIe 3.0 SSD.

Then all he had to do was plug the SSD with adapter into his Xbox Series X, turn on his console and he had 867GB extra at his disposal. The console also indicated that it was a Storage Expansion Card, as if it were Seagate’s expansion card. The modder has not tried any other SSDs himself, so can’t say whether these would work with the console.

The modder doesn’t detail how the NVMe SSD performs when gaming, but does say he was able to install a game on it. Another user tried to insert a CFexpress card directly into the console, but the console said it was not compatible. This was a PCIe 3.0 x2 card.

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