MIT lets people create ‘digital avatar’ of themselves

A group of researchers affiliated with the MIT technology institute is working on a service that allows users to create a digital version of themselves. The system collects information about the person, which is then converted into a kind of avatar via algorithms.

The group of people affiliated with MIT who developed the concept states that the software can be used, among other things, to have conversations with the ‘digital version’ of the user. The virtual character can have these conversations based on information that is put into the system. How this works exactly is still unclear: the concept is not yet operational and the developers provide little information about the algorithms used.

According to the makers, creating a digital character should offer a solution for people who want to leave something of themselves behind after death. This would allow family members to ‘talk’ to the digital person. This is described by the developers as a ‘Skype chat with the past’.

Users interested in a digital avatar can register via the url The system will be launched soon, according to the makers. Users will then be accepted in phases.