Minolta Dimage 7i updates

On DPReview is a short preview to find the new Minolta Dimage 7Hi. This new model also comes with new features, such as a custom menu in which there is more control over the settings of the camera. In the conclusion, the reviewer says that he is a little disappointed with this new Dimage. This is because the small improvements have not been incorporated into the Dimage 7i before, and that it will be on the market after only six months:

I’m glad to see the improvements introduced with the DiMAGE 7Hi, the new black case looks far more professional and the rubber hand grip does make the camera feel more the part. I’m a little disappointed that some of these simple changes weren’t introduced with the 7i, and just six months on since the announcement of that camera I can imagine a lot of DiMAGE 7i owners may feel a little bitter.

Minolta DiMAGE 7Hi new features / specifications:

  • Black body, rubber hand grip (front only)
  • New ‘Extra Fine’ JPEG mode (less compression, larger file size ~3 MB)
  • Economy JPEG mode removed
  • Larger internal buffer (up to 5 RAW, 7 Extra Fine, 10 Fine, 17 Standard frames)
  • Full size shooting at 3 fps
  • Slower shutter speeds (8 sec in Program AE, 15 sec in AP / SP / M)
  • PC Sync Flash terminal on left side of body
  • P-Reset Undo
  • New Fluorescent 1 and 2 white balance
  • Three manual presets can be recorded / selected
  • Adobe RGB color space ‘color mode’ can be selected
  • Improved Quick View (magnify, histogram)
  • Color space profiles can be embedded in JPEG header (recognized by Photoshop)
  • More control over camera settings / controls (Custom menu tab in Setup menu)
  • Supports Print Image Matching II

[break] On the site of Minolta users of two series of Minolta Dimage 7i are informed that they can return their camera. An error has been detected in the combined main switch/selector knob. In the worst case, it can become detached from the camera. The repair will be treated with priority and no costs will be charged for the repair. Sending is also free of charge, but you must ensure good packaging:[/break] We have received information from our headquarters about a minor problem that, unfortunately, could occur with Minolta DiMAGE 7i cameras from two particular series.

Note: This only concerns cameras with the following serial numbers: from 95 21 72 00 to 95 21 99 99 from 96 20 10 01 to 96 22 61 00 (The serial number is indicated on the bottom of the camera.)

If you have purchased a camera from one of these series, we kindly request you to send it to us for checking. The Main Switch/Selector Button is then replaced free of charge. This repair is treated with priority.

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