Mine domain appears to have warded off prolonged DDOs attacks

Hosting provider Mijndomein has been suffering from DDOs attacks since Monday morning. Because the company’s servers are overloaded by the excess traffic, websites of Mijndomein customers were difficult or inaccessible, but the services are now back online.

Mijndomein published the first report about the DDOs attacks on Monday morning and during the day the company posted updates recognizing that the attacks could not be repulsed. They continued through the night from Monday to Tuesday and the problems were not over by Tuesday morning.

“This is an attack of an unusually long duration”, reports the company. Customer websites and e-mail were not or almost inaccessible during the attacks. Mijndomein has 200,000 customers and manages 600,000 domains. The motive of the attackers is unknown. Many internet services are regularly under attack from DDOs. Sometimes the goal is simply to take the service offline for personal reasons or ‘for sport’. In other cases, paid DDoS services want to show what they can do, as a kind of advertisement.