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Microsoft will give Teams dynamic view option for better presentations in March

Teams is getting a new dynamic view option in video meetings to use space on the image more efficiently. With this, extra attention can be drawn to content that is presented and its presenters, while the audience moves to the background.

It is still the case that ‘shared content’ can be given a prominent place in the meeting, but the speaker who talks about it has a normal place in the list of participants in the meeting. Soon, not only will the presenter be able to stand prominently next to the presentation, possibly with his background automatically cut off. Dynamic View will also have a function to mark the active speaker and will soon also be able to do the same with participants who ‘raise their hand’ in the program. A Microsoft employee posted a demo video to LinkedIn.

The feature should come to Teams in March. At the same time, Microsoft is working on custom layouts for Teams, due in February. This allows presenters to decide for themselves how their content is shown and whether the emphasis is on the presenter or the content. That can be read on Microsoft’s roadmap.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, much more use has been made of online meeting software. Companies such as Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft with Teams, therefore, invest a lot in additions and improvements to their software.

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