Microsoft Tablet PC: successor modern PC?

ZDNet has a interesting article put online about Microsoft’s Tablet PC. The Tablet PC is now only a concept, but according to Microsoft, one day it should follow the current PC. The device has the look and feel of many other WebPads recently reviewed, but has all the features of a notebook. In addition, the Tablet PC can also be controlled by voice in addition to a pen. At the moment the prototype runs on Windows 2000 and the Transmeta Crusoe processor, but that will probably change before the device comes on the market in 2003 (!).

On Sunday, in his Comdex speech, William H. will explain more about his brainchild. Until then, we’ll have to make do with these specs:

The Tablet PC concept calls for a 2.2-pound portable screen-based device, likely to be about the size of a legal-size notepad. The device will be designed with the full capabilities of a notebook PC. However, it will combine the computing power and functionality of the notebook PC with a host of new features. They range from the latest in screen and battery technologies to new user interfaces.[break]Although the prototype now runs on a Transmeta processor, it is still far from certain that Microsoft will eventually work with this brand to produce the Tablet PC. There is a good chance that MS will switch to AMD or Intel before then:[/break]Sources confirm that Transmeta is working with Microsoft on projects, although officials of the chip maker could not comment on questions about a relationship, due to its coming initial public offering.

However, it is likely that by the time the Tablet PC becomes a product Microsoft may switch to Intel Corp. or Advanced Micro Devices Inc. processors, said sources close to the company.