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Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 from today. Although Windows 10 is now the most used version, many people still use the outdated operating system. If you decide to stay Windows 7 use, you now run a high risk of being hacked.

Popular Operating System

Windows 7 launched 11 years ago and was a very popular operating system. In fact, it was so popular that it took almost four years for Windows 10 to have more users. Microsoft tried for years to get people to switch to the new operating system and even made it available as a free update . Yet many people preferred to use the old operating system or simply could not switch because their PC was too old for the newer system.

Already in 2015, Microsoft warned that it would stop the updates and that support would eventually cease. Because the manufacturer no longer carries out security updates, virus scanners are no longer updated and software is therefore less well protected.


There are some exceptions. Microsoft still gives governments and some companies the opportunity to purchase personal support. The company offers the support for the next 3 years. The paid support is not possible for consumers. It is important for companies and governments that they still have the option, because the equipment is often outdated and switching is not always possible overnight.


If we look at the global figures, it can be seen that Windows accounts for a market share of more than 77%. Almost 27% of them still work with the now outdated Windows 7. At the end of last year there was another free upgrade to Windows 10. One thing is clear. Updating now seems necessary for everyone.

No longer free

To be sure that your computer is safe, you will have to use a different operating system. The successor to Windows 7; Windows 8.1 is still supported, but in 3 years the same fate awaits as for Windows 7. So to be sure, it is best to choose Windows 10, since Microsoft will continue to support and adjust this software for a long time.

Although in the past Microsoft had the possibility to download Windows 10 for free, especially because it was difficult to convince people, this is no longer possible. To update your current Windows computer to Windows 10, you spend around 145 euros. Microsoft itself recommends buying a new laptop or PC, because old devices may no longer work properly with Windows 10.

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