Microsoft shows improved Halo Infinite campaign after more than a year

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Microsoft has shown footage of the Halo Infinite campaign for the first time since July 2020. With this, the company wants to show the improvements that have been carried out in the past period. The first images last year led to the postponement of the game.

In a new trailer of about six minutes, Microsoft and developer 343 Games show a mix of cutscenes and gameplay. The emphasis is less on the gameplay than with the original reveal last year. The trailer details the story, which builds on Halo 5. Master Chief enters the game in search of a new AI, codenamed The Weapon.

Furthermore, Microsoft emphasizes that players get a lot of freedom when carrying out missions. The trailer shows that various vehicles are also featured, including a tank. Microsoft touts the game as the largest and most open Halo experience to date.

Last year in July, Microsoft showed images of the Halo Infinite campaign for the first time. That trailer was criticized at the time from players who were disappointed with the graphics quality. Developer 343 Industries responded; the studio said it agreed with much of the criticism and not long after, it was decided to postpone the game.

It is the first time since that postponement that images of the campaign have been shown again. In recent times, Microsoft and 343 Industries have placed particular emphasis on the game’s multiplayer mode, which will be available free-to-play. A beta was already available.

The new trailer shows that various graphic improvements have been made. The environments have more details and the lighting effects have been improved. The enemies also look different. Some scenes in the new and old trailer match, so they can be compared.

Microsoft will release Halo Infinite on December 8. The game is coming to Xbox consoles and Windows. The multiplayer part is free to play for everyone. The rest of the game can be purchased separately and is part of the Game Pass subscription.

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