Microsoft releases preview version of lighter version Teams

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Microsoft has released a preview version of a lighter version of its office software Teams. The new version should take up less disk space, require less memory and run faster.

This is the largest new version of Teams since the release of the software in 2017, reports Microsoft. Except for the redesign, which hosts Microsoft AngularJS for JavaScript and Electron has switched for React and WebView2. The user experience is built on the proprietary Fluent UI framework that also formed the basis for Windows 11.

In addition to the redesign, there are also many new functions, says Microsoft. For example, avatars will be added to the software as a replacement for the camera image. There are also changes to, among other things, how the app functions on Android.

The preview version will be released on Monday. If IT admins have allowed it, a toggle will appear at the top of the screen for users to switch between the current version and the new version. It is not yet clear when the current version will disappear permanently.

Microsoft Teams, March 2023

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