Microsoft releases first stable version Edge for Linux

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Microsoft Edge has received a first stable version for Linux. Until now, only a beta version of the browser was available on the operating system. Now version 95 of Edge is available as an official release.

Microsoft hasn’t announced the stable version for Linux yet, but Sophos discovered the build package Friday. It is version 95, which is also the last stable version of Edge for Windows. When users install the new version, they get a version that no longer has a major beta label.

According to Omgubuntu, the browser can be installed via the terminal if you have already configured Microsoft’s repository. Then you can install the new version with the following command if you are working with Ubuntu: sudo apt install microsoft-edge-stable. The package can be downloaded from the official Microsoft Edge Linux repos.

In any case, the stable version is available immediately for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other supported Linux distros. The build is not officially available on Edge’s download page at the time of writing.

Microsoft Edge has been in development for over a year. The first images of the browser on Linux appeared last May, after the tech giant had already announced in 2019 its ambition to bring the browser to Linux.

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