Microsoft introduces RSS feed with news about security updates

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Microsoft has introduced an RSS feed where it will include all the news about the security updates from the Microsoft Security Update Guide. The American company says it does this after requests from users.

Some of those users had according to Microsoft glad to see that the RSS feed The primary form of communication is regarding the news about the security updates. It is not clear, however, whether this will also happen in the future. The company also mentions the change in its policy regarding security update email notifications. Previously, these were only available to developers with a Microsoft account, but the company stopped that earlier this year. After all, it is now possible to receive security updates at any e-mail address.

The Microsoft Security Update Guide is Microsoft’s official resource in which the company provides information about the security status of its products. The platform provides comprehensive information about security vulnerabilities that have been discovered and also offers guides and patches to fix vulnerabilities or avoid security risks.

Microsoft RSS Feed Security Update Guide