Microsoft extends Start and taskbar settings in Windows 11 preview build

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Microsoft has expanded the Start settings in the test version of Windows 11. The layout can be changed to show more pins, or more recent files. Users with multiple monitors can continue to see the clock and date on the taskbar on all screens in this version.

Users can go directly to the Start settings by right-clicking on start. There in the preview build it is possible to choose from three layout options for the Start menu: Default, more pins or more recent files. For example, users can choose what they want to see an extra row of when they open Start, Microsoft reports.

If users have multiple monitors, from this version on all screens will have the date and time on the taskbars. In addition, high-priority notifications are now stacked. Up to three such notifications can be displayed at the same time, in addition to a maximum of one ‘normal’ notification. Microsoft mentions that these two additions will be released gradually and thus not yet be visible to all users with the preview build.

In addition, the Narrator, the reading function of Microsoft Edge, will receive more functions. In an input field, when users hover over a word and delete a letter from that word, the Narrator reads the letter that the mouse cursor is currently on. For example, according to Microsoft, it should be easier for blind or partially sighted people to remove specific letters. Microsoft also promises that Narrator will provide more contextual cues when browsing the web.

Finally, Microsoft has made some other small improvements. For example, installed apps can now also be sorted from Z to A and Windows will remember it if users turn on WiFi or Bluetooth in airplane mode, so that they stay on automatically next time. In addition, Microsoft has fixed a number of bugs of the operating system.

All of these additions are part of an Insider Preview build of Windows 11 called 22509. Microsoft often tests new features in Windows in this way before they become available to a wider audience. When that will happen is not yet known.

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