Microsoft adds search bar to Windows 11 start menu

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Microsoft has updated the Insider Build of Windows 11 and the company has integrated a search bar into the start menu, among other things. In addition, there are changes to the taskbar and power modes.

The update brings Windows 11 to build version 22000.65, which is available to user in the Dev Channel. The addition of the search bar at the top of the start menu is the most notable change. Whoever now presses the Windows key on his keyboard will immediately see that he can start typing to search, just like with Windows 10.

Microsoft has also expanded the power settings pages, which include selecting different modes that determine after how many hours the screen should turn off or the system should go into sleep mode. In addition, the display of the taskbar can now be spread across multiple monitors via the settings and Microsoft has redesigned several dialog boxes, such as the warning box that appears when the battery is low.

It is also possible to stack three windows on top of each other with the Snap function when using screens in portrait mode. Microsoft has also fixed a series of bugs. Windows 11 has also received the patch against PrintNightmare.

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