Microsoft adds more ads for free Outlook app users

Outlook users without a Microsoft 365 subscription will see more ads in the Android and iOS mail apps. Previously, users only saw ads in Focused mode; from now on, users will also see it if they use one inbox.

Unsubscribed Outlook users who use Focused inbox mode have been seeing ads in the Other tab for some time. Microsoft confirms to The Verge extend this to users who have a single inbox and thus do not use Focus mode.

Users then see an advertisement at the top of their mailing list, which, according to The Verge, resembles an email in terms of format. On the right you can see that it is about advertising, because it contains Ad. When clicking on such an ad, users go to the in-app browser. Users can swipe away the ads, but they will be replaced by other ads after a short while.

Only the Focused tab of the Focus mode does not show any ads yet. Users with a Microsoft 365 subscription will not see any ads within the app at all.

An ad in the Outlook iOS app. Via The Verge