Micron introduces first microSD card with 1.5TB capacity

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Memory manufacturer Micron has introduced the first microSD card with a storage capacity of 1.5TB. Since 2019, the maximum capacity was 1TB. Micron does not name a price and aims with the card at the storage of video for security cameras and industrial use.

Micron i400

It Micron i400 memory card is based on 3d Nand memory with 176 layers. Micron has been supplying that nand memory since the middle of last year and will be producing 232-layer nand memory by the end of this year. According to the spec sheet the memory card can be written on 24 hours a day for five years.

The manufacturer does not mention exact speeds, but it is a U3 card, which indicates that the minimum sequential write speed is 30MB/s. Furthermore, the card has the highest Application Performance Class label of A2. As a result, the card must be able to do at least 4000iops of random reads and 2000iops of random writes.

Micron provides samples of the card to companies. As an example, the manufacturer mentions Verkada, a company that supplies security cameras. The Micron i400 card is placed in the Industrial series and not aimed at consumers.

It is not yet known whether and when Micron plans to release a 1.5TB microSD card for consumers. 1TB tickets are currently in the Pricewatch for prices from 166 euros. The first 1TB microSD card was released in mid-2019. The microSDXC standard theoretically goes up to 2TB.