Meta’s metaverse platforms Horizon Worlds and Venues have 300,000 users

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Horizon Worlds and Horizon Venues, two platforms that are part of Meta’s metaverse strategy, have a combined 300,000 monthly active users. This is ten times more than a quarter earlier. The platforms can only be used in the US and in Canada without an invite.

The figure does not include the number of Horizon Workrooms users, a Meta spokesperson emphasizes to The Verge. The Horizon apps are VR platforms that can be seen as parts of Meta’s metaverse strategy. Horizon Worlds is a platform where users can create games or ‘social hubs’, similar to Roblox for example. Horizon Venues is a standalone app for live events such as concerts, where users can use the same avatars as in Worlds.

The spokesperson also said that the number of 300,000 users is ten times more than in early December, when Meta opened Horizon Worlds to American and Canadian users. Previously, an invitation was required in these regions. Since there are ten thousand worlds, or locations, created by users. An Oculus Quest 2 is also required to use the app.

The Horizon apps foreshadow Meta’s ultimate vision of the metaverse: a virtual world in which multiple applications from different developers work together. The metaverse will mainly take place in VR, although users should also be able to access it with smartphones, for example. In addition to Worlds and Venues, Meta has Horizon Workrooms, a business-oriented app for VR meetings.

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