Meta will unveil new high-end VR glasses on October 11

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It looks like Meta will be unveiling its new high-end VR goggles on October 11. On this date, the parent company of Oculus and Facebook is hosting a large, one-day event, Meta Connect. It is already clear that this will include the upcoming VR headset.

The expectation that the new glasses will be unveiled at the upcoming event is based in part on a recent message from Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. He can be seen with part of VR glasses on it. This is probably the new product. The short accompanying text refers to Meta Connect on October 11.

In a official message on the Oculus website in which the Meta Connect Presentation is announced, there is no immediate mention of the company’s new high-end VR glasses. It is clear that AR and VR play an important role during the event. The company will also provide updates on the progress that would have been made with the metaverse and what’s to come in the near and distant future.

The new VR glasses are also referred to as Project Cambria and the unofficial name Meta Quest Pro. On a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Zuckerberg already indicated that “the next device will be released in October” and that it will be “talked” at the Connect event.

During this podcast episode, Zuckerberg made it clear that mixed reality and social features will play an important role with the new headset, in the sense that eye and face tracking will be present. Earlier it became clear that color passthrough is possible. This concerns the option of outward-facing cameras that record the environment and transfer that image to the screens of the VR glasses. In the Quest 2, this was limited to a black and white image. With the new glasses, this image will be in color and sharper, which enhances augmented reality.

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