Meta tests end-to-end encryption in Messenger app for Quest VR headsets

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Meta is testing end-to-end encryption in its Messenger app for the Quest VR headsets. The company does that in update v40. It is not clear how large-scale the test is and how the feature can be enabled.

The encryption is initially an optional feature for one-on-one and voice conversations in the Messenger app, which will allow Quest users to chat in VR, writes Meta in a blog post. It is unknown if the test will be available to all users or if it will initially be limited to a smaller number of Quest owners.

In the update, Meta also adds new audio accessibility features for people who are hard of hearing. For example, Quest headsets get an option for mono audio. Users can also adjust the balance between the left and right audio channels from software version v40. This function should be especially useful for people who hear with one ear less. These features appear in the accessibility options in the Quest and Quest 2 settings.

In addition, Quest headsets will receive support for more keyboards. Meta previously added support for the K830 Bluetooth keyboard for Logitech to the Quest headsets. The company now also comes with support for the Logitech MX Keys and K375s. It will also be possible to pay via 3D Secure with a credit card on the Quest headset itself, for example to purchase VR games. Previously, 3D Secure was only available through the Oculus smartphone app.

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