Meta officially renames Oculus to Meta Quest

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Facebook parent company Meta has officially changed the company name Oculus to Meta Quest. The company reports this on Twitter. It had been known for some time that the brand name Oculus would be phased out.

Meta announces the name change
with a meme. Source: meta

Meta posts a meme on Twitter with the text ‘new name, same mission’. Subsequently, the Twitter account was renamed from ‘@OculusVR’ to ‘@MetaQuestVR’. With that, the brand name Oculus officially disappears, to make way for ‘Meta Quest’. The brand name ‘Quest’, which is already used for some of the manufacturer’s VR glasses, therefore also seems to become part of the company name.

Company reports to a user that this was ‘a difficult step to take’. “While we’re changing the hardware brand, Oculus will remain a core part of our DNA and live on in things like software and developer tools,” the company wrote.

It was already known that the name Oculus would disappear. The company announced in October that the Oculus Quest would be renamed the Meta Quest. The name change has not yet been implemented everywhere at the time of writing. For example, the Oculus app in the App Store and Play Store hasn’t been renamed yet. Those will soon be renamed to the Meta Quest App, the company confirmed earlier.

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