Meizu presents Android smartphone without ports and openings

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The Chinese smartphone maker Meizu has presented the Zero, a smartphone without ports and openings. Charging is wireless, while the phone only has an e-SIM to connect to mobile networks.

The Zero has a ceramic housing, Meizu reports. Charging is done with a wireless charger that comes up to 18W, comparable to the most wired fast chargers. Sound doesn’t come from a speaker grill, but the whole screen vibrates to produce sounds, like the 2016 Xiaomi Mi Mix did before.

Meizu replaces the Power and Volume buttons for touch-sensitive parts of the side with haptic feedback, like the HTC U12+ did last year. Due to this combination of techniques, there is no opening for normal things such as speakers, SIM card slot and USB port. There are, of course, cameras on the phone and it will also have microphones on board.

Those cameras are the Sony IMX380 and IMX350 on the back, a combination of twenty- and twelve-megapixel sensors. The fingerprint scanner is behind the screen, as was previously seen on the OnePlus 6T and Huawei Mate 20 Pro, among others. The soc is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, a soc that was in high-end smartphones last year. Other details such as memory, storage and price are not yet known.

Competitor Vivo, sister company of Oppo and OnePlus, will most likely present a smartphone without ports or openings on Thursday. It is unknown if other manufacturers will follow suit.

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