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Software Updat: MediaMonkey 4.1.26

Ventis Media has released version 4.1.26 of MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is a media player with an extensive list of opportunities. For example, it can play the most common audio files, audio CDs can be ripped to Ogg, mp3, FLAC, and WMA, and tags can be edited or automatically picked from the internet. Furthermore, the program does not shrink from a collection of more than 50,000 files and can be synchronized with a portable music player.

The program is available in a free standard version and in a Gold version that costs just over 20 euros, some of them extra options has, including the faster burning of CDs. No expense notes are included, but in the bug tracker the following tickets are closed:

All changes / fixes in feature / bug tracker

  • 0016075: iTunes DB import: Last played date fails to import
  • 0016096: DB: DB initialization / Upgrade fail MM can’t start
  • 0016242: Update year to 2020 / fix certificate timestamp
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