Manufacturers confirm Rocket Lake support on some LGA1200 motherboards

The product pages of various ASRock LGA1200 motherboards list support for the upcoming Intel Rocket Lake CPUs. Motherboard manufacturer Biostar also reports that its Z490 motherboards support the eleventh generation Intel Core CPUs.

Twitter user momomo_us reports ASRock added the listings to several product pages on Dec. 26, with the company reporting that a bios update is required. Such updates have not yet been released at the time of writing.

It concerns various Z490 motherboards from ASRock. The product pages of the W480 Creator and H470 Steel Legend also mention support for the next generation of desktop chips from Intel. In total, Rocket Lake support is listed on the product pages of eight higher positioned ASRock motherboards. It is not clear whether the manufacturer will add support for other motherboards at a later date.

ASRock motherboards that support Intel Rocket Lake CPUs *
Z490 Aqua Z490 Taichi Z490 Extreme4
Z490 Steel Legend Z490 PG Velocita Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX / TB3
W480 Creator H470 Steel Legend

*At the moment of writing

Motherboard maker Biostar also posted an image announcing Rocket Lake support earlier this week. Momomo_us notes that the company reported that its Z490 motherboards will receive support for upcoming desktop processors. That company does not yet mention support for LGA1200 motherboards with other chipsets; Biostar also makes two B460 and H410 motherboards.

The Rocket Lake listings come as no surprise. Gigabyte previously announced that its Z490 motherboards will receive support for Intel’s upcoming desktop chips. Rocket Lake keeps socket LGA1200, but adds PCIe 4.0 support, among other things. However, Gigabyte reported earlier this year that its Z490 motherboards are also PCIe 4.0 capable when used with a Rocket Lake chip.

Intel will likely announce its upcoming desktop processors at CES in January. The fair will take place completely digitally between 11 and 14 January. However, it is striking that VideoCardz published an Intel roadmap earlier this week. According to that unconfirmed schedule, Intel would start mass production of its upcoming chips by the end of January at the earliest. The CPUs would then appear on the market at the earliest in the twelfth week of 2021, which starts on March 22. Intel stated earlier this year that it will release its Rocket Lake processors in the first quarter of 2021. The chips will get a maximum of eight 14nm cores with hyperthreading, Intel previously confirmed.

Image via @momomo_us on Twitter