Manufacturer presents first satellite phone with Android

Thuraya, a manufacturer of satellite telephones from the United Arab Emirates, has claimed to have presented the first satellite phone with Android. The X5-Touch can connect with both satellites and regular mobile networks.

Thuraya X5-Touch

Thuraya calls the telephone X5-Touch and it is a telephone with 5.2 “screen with full HD resolution.The housing is resistant to water and dust and has an ip67 rating, the design is shockproof, the phone also has nfc, bluetooth, wifi and gps. , but the manufacturer does not say which version it is.
It is the first touchscreen model and the first Android phone in the market for satellite telephones, reports the manufacturer The X5-Touch is intended for people who are often out of reach of are mobile networks and therefore depend on satellite communication.The X5-Touch is for the end of the year for an unknown price.
There were until now no satellite phones with touch screens and Android, though manufacturers made covers that the functionality to call via satellites or to connect to the internet to existing smartphones.


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