Major malfunction at Tele2 is over

The major disruption at Tele2 is over. Eurofiber repaired the cable break on Monday evening, after which the connections worked again. The hours-long outage affected government services and municipalities, among others.

Tele2 reported Monday evening around ten past ten that the problems were over. Connections had already been restored earlier in the evening. According to Tele2, it concerned two different cable breaks: one took place at ten past eleven in the morning between Zwolle and Leeuwarden and one took place near Arnhem, with a cable from Eurofiber. The cable break between Zwolle and Leeuwarden was caused by excavation work by a third party. The machine probably hit the cable by accident.

The cable breaks led to service interruptions in large parts of the country. Because some municipalities and government services use Tele2, they were poorly or unreachable from around noon on Monday.