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Love Island’s success is increasing

Are you still watching Temptation Island ? You have to know yourself, but if you know what’s good for you, you better look at Love Island. In contrast to Temptation Island, not everyone is a sneuneus who is only too happy to discard his relationship. It has just as much a mountain of drama and people that you would like to throw into the sea, but Love Island also has nice and even beautiful moments. The approximately 35 singles who go to Love Island are (usually) sincerely looking for a partner and as a season progresses you see more and more relationships flourish. The power of the program is that you mainly look at people who talk about relationships with each other and that it does not get boring because of everything around it.

The program has more advantages. First of all, there is a new episode every day, so you never have to wait again. There are only ordinary people, so no annoying semi-familiar people who have something to prove for the camera. Because, in addition to the final price of £ 50,000, ultimately something very personal is at stake for everyone, the ‘game’ is really secondary. The people who are put together in the Spanish villa are put to the test, but that has more to do with feelings than tactics.

Deliciously cynical yet sincere

There is no set structure in the challenges that the sexy singles get, because the makers of the show also respond to what the people in the villa itself do. All outside influence is reported to the residents of the villa via text messages so they never know what to expect, just as you do not know as a viewer. Due to the lack of structure, every episode (or day) can be hilarious, terrible or a combination of the two, both for candidates and viewers. The way people have to go home is also so random that you can not anticipate them, so most candidates are mainly concerned with finding someone they like, or trying to win someone who likes them.

In addition, the secret weapon of Love Island is the comments of stand-up comedian Iain Sterling. His biting sarcasm in combination with a Scottish accent makes it even fun to watch (along) if you do not like programs like that. Everyone gets mercilessly through the mangle and that makes everything better. The candidates are just as random as the assignments and challenges, the only thing they have in common is that they are relatively young and ‘fit’ (English fit). It is clearly not sorted by intelligence, but the mix of personalities always makes it interesting to see who is going to find each other and who is not at all. The creators of the program beyond that maximum by compelling certain people together for dates and other activities. That keeps the tension nice.

In more and more countries to see

The series is now in the fourth season in Great Britain and can be viewed in the Netherlands via Videoland. The success of the series is now huge: the last episode of season four (which has just been) has drawn more than four million viewers and there is already an Australian and German version. This week it was also announced that the series is as good as round for an American version and that more Love Island will come, including all of Scandinavia. A Dutch version has not yet been announced, but it would be time.

Because really? Fuck Temptation Island. Fuck programs where everyone just gets ready to fail. The overtone of Love Island may be cynical, the underlying message is beautiful. It is the only reality program that I have seen so far where people are laughing out with two of them when they ‘lose weight’ and that is best seen.

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