Lots of iPhone battery issues since iOS 14.2

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Do you notice that your iPhone is draining quickly or charging less quickly? Then this problem could just be software related. Since iOS 14.2, there have been a surprising number of complaints about the iPhone’s battery.

iOS 14.2 battery drains quickly

On Twitter, Apple forums and Reddit many iPhone users are getting into the pen because of a battery problem since iOS 14.2. It plays with older iPhones as well as new devices – such as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. This indicates that it has to do with the software.

Many users complain about a battery that drains remarkably quickly. “It’s frustrating!” Writes Ernanin on the Apple Developer forum, which has an iPhone 11. “The battery was usually about 40 percent at the end of the day. After iOS 14.2, I have to charge around 3:00 PM. “

Another common complaint is that the battery indicator doesn’t seem to display the correct percentage. For example, someone’s battery went from zero to 50 percent in less than half an hour – without a quick charger. After that, they see a big drop in the percentage of the battery in normal use.

There are also users whose iPhone gets noticeably warm. “Even with light use, the phone occasionally becomes uncomfortably warm and the battery drains quickly,” said someone. “I have an XS Max and notice that my phone heats up quickly while playing games, surfing the Internet or watching videos,” wrote another.

Software update

Apple is now working hard on iOS 14.3; the first betas have already been released for this. The battery problem may then be solved. It is not yet known when the software can be installed for everyone, but we expect this month.

Until then, there are other ways to extend the battery life of your iPhone. In the article iPhone empty quickly? 24 tips for a longer battery life We give 24 tips for a better battery life.

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