Lord of the Rings smartphone game Rise to War coming in September

Developer NetEase games will release a Lord of the Rings mobile game on September 23 for Android and iOS smartphones. The game will be released on that date in Europe, the US, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Users can pre-register for Lord of the Rings: Rise to War since Wednesday. When players do that, they can already choose the faction they want to play the game with, such as Gondor, Rohan or Isengard. The game is set during the Third Age, just like the movie trilogy.

In the mobile strategy game, gamers can assemble an army, build a settlement and expand their territory in Middle-Earth. The game should feature several well-known characters such as Aragorn and Elrond. Developer NetEase wrote in its original announcement in June that the game is “completely true” to the franchise’s lore. NetEase is the studio that is also working with Blizzard on the smartphone game Diablo: Immortal.