Logitech releases vertical Lift mouse for 80 euros

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Logitech will soon release a vertically oriented, ergonomically shaped mouse that is intended for users with relatively smaller hands. This mouse with the name Lift, where the two mouse buttons and the scroll wheel are on the side, has a suggested retail price of 80 euros.

The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is a wireless mouse that according to Logitech is intended for smaller hands to medium-sized hands. The Lift belongs to Logitech’s Ergo series; those are ergonomically shaped keyboards and mice.

With a regular mouse, the palm is placed on top, but with the Lift this happens on the right side where the two regular mouse buttons and the scroll wheel are also located. The thumb is placed on the opposite side of the elevation, where there is a thumb rest and two additional buttons.

According to Logitech, it’s a 57-degree vertical design that promotes natural forearm posture and relieves strain on the wrist. There is also a left-handed version. The wireless connection is via Bluetooth Low Energy or the Logi Bolt USB receiver.

The mouse is 71mm high, 70mm wide, 108mm deep and weighs 125g. The dpi range is 400 to 4000, which is adjustable in 100dpi steps. The Lift runs on an AA battery and should last up to 24 months.

The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse will be available from April 25th. The mouse comes in three different colors, namely pink, off-white and a graphite color. The latter color is also available as a left-handed version in Europe and North America. According to Logitech, this graphite version is made of 70 percent recycled plastic from waste material, while the pink and white variant would be 54 percent.

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