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Logitech releases accessories for the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Logitech G comes with the Adaptive Gaming Kit, a set of buttons and triggers that can be connected to the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The accessories are intended for gamers with a physical disability.

The contains three small and three large buttons with mechanical switches. Furthermore, there are four ‘light touch keys’ and two-variable triggers with the set. These controls can be put on the supplied play mats with Velcro.

The controls are an extension for the that Microsoft released last year. This is a large, flat controller with nineteen 3.5 mm connections to which accessories can be connected. Each input serves one of the functions of an Xbox controller.

For its Adaptive Gaming Kit, Logitech has collaborated with Microsoft’s Inclusive Tech Lab and the organizations The AbleGamers Charity and SpecialEffect. The set can be purchased for one hundred euros. To use it, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is required; it costs ninety euros.

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