Logify: log out of Internet services at once

Logify is a free online service to log out at multiple supported internet services at once. Logify is free service. It does not require special rights or account-related information.

It is easy to log out of Internet services: search the logout link on the service’s website or delete the stored cookies on the local device to log out.

More work is required if you want to sign out of multiple services simultaneously, for example, Dropbox, Google, Amazon and Office 365. Although you can visit each site separately to complete the logout process, or search for session cookies, you can also use Logify.

Logify is very easy to use: visit the website and click on the big button in the middle of the page that opens to log out of supported accounts.

The service only supports a handful of sites, but contains some of the most popular destinations on the Internet (and MySpace): Office 365, Dropbox, Google, Google Drive, Skype, Netflix, Amazon, Vimeo, Soundcloud, YouTube, The New York Times, Steam, Wikipedia, Myspace, WordPress and Tumblr.

The system used to initiate logout is simple and effective. The page contains iframes that activate the logout process on the supported sites.

The process is clear, the signing does not take long and you will receive a notification afterward. You can check if you have been logged out by going to a site where you are logged in before clicking the button on the Logify website.

The usefulness of the service largely depends on the sites and services it supports. It lacks customization options to select the services you want to sign out to prevent you from being logged out with others.

Logify is nevertheless an interesting service. It needs support for more sites to make it even more useful, and customization options will also be appreciated by some users.